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Short-term airport car parking or long-term car parking?

It pays to compare and book your airport car parking. With cheap budget flights, many tourists are taking advantage of early booking deals and bargains.

You can book a day trip or just go away for a weekend or for a few days. You may automatically think that short-term car parking will be cheaper for a short vacation. Not necessarily.

Compare both car parking rates and you're likely to save anywhere from 10% to 30% depending upon your airport and country.

Also, if you compare and pre-book your parking, you're likely to get a better rate.

If you're nearer an airport, sometimes it's cheaper just to take a cab - compare and save. Here's another option: if you park 10 minutes or so away from the airport, it is normally cheaper than parking at the airport. Many companies provide a free shuttle service from their car parking facility to the airport.

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